Monday, August 4, 2008

Marky Mark and the Quest for the Perfect Watch

Much like Indiana Jones, I have my own adventures in life. I needed a new watch, because my battery died in my old watch. Now, normally, most people just replace their batteries. I usually just get a new watch. BUT, I was trying to be frugal this time and just replace the watch battery, but I tried to be SO frugal, that I thought I could replace it myself. Long story short, the watch hands fell off my watch as I tried to replace the battery, and, well, fate decided that I did indeed need a new watch.
I'm one of those that can't live without a watch on my wrist, so we ventured to the Overlake Sears to pick up a watch with a gift certificate from our wedding. Man, did they have the selection of bargain watches. The problem was, all of the watches I liked had lame-o chain-link bands that have to be sized by a jeweler. So, it took a long time to find a watch... I felt sorry for the lady behind the counter. She took out many watches because I'm the type that has to put the watch on and see how it looks on me. And then I have to ask Deonn how it looks on me. When the response is, "It looks like a toy" or "If you worked on the Starship Enterprise, that would be perfect", that's probably not the right watch. The lady there was kind and took out every watch I wanted to try on. She seemed to have a good sense of humor, and even mustered a courtesy laugh when I asked how late they were open.

The trip was a success, though. Within two hours, I had found a watch I liked for a mere $30. Now, 3-5 years from now when the battery dies, we'll go through this ritual again.

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