Sunday, July 20, 2008

Glorious Saturday in Seattle

Funnel Cake at the Bite
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Today was the second day of the Bite of Seattle. Needless to say, I ate way too much... in 30 minutes. Seriously. Within the first 30 minutes, I had Alligator on a Stick, Red Beans and Rice, 6 "mini" meatballs, and a mint chocolate chip ice cream sundae. Obviously, that wasn't enough, so 30 minutes later, I had to have some funnel cake covered in powdered sugar and then I washed it down with a Wired Cola with 144mg of caffeine. You ask me, it was a completely successful afternoon of gluttony. If you had kicked my stomach afterwards, I would have ended up like that guy in Seven.

After the Bite, my friends left to see the Dark Knight with that dead Heath Ledger. Being that I haven't been taken in by the hype yet, Deonn and I spent the rest of the day/night in Seattle. I took some great shots from Queen Anne hill and Green Lake and Alki. Here are some favorites.

Late Sunset at Alki
Space Needle with Ferris Wheel at Fun Forest

By the way, we tried to see Mamma Mia! at the Majestic Bay Theatres in Ballard. I was SO looking forward to seeing this movie at this theatre that Deonn has raved about. But, since it only holds 5 people, it was sold out.

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Deonn said...

You forgot the most exciting part.
Taking our Blood pressures at QFC afterward!