Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I Mean, Who Doesn't Like Movie Soundtracks?


So, I have what I consider a phenomenally good idea. I'm going to make a playlist with the Ending Credits to some of my favorite movies. You know, movie themes from Indiana Jones, Star Wars, Superman (which also has the best OPENING credits EVAR!!!), and the like. I'm proud of the idea, and figure Deonn would know good music when she heard it. Alas, I was mistaken. "I don't like movie underscoring", she states. Really, who in their right mind wouldn't think that the Star Wars theme is awesome? You know what's the best thing about ending credits in a movie? They give you brief glimpses of all the major themes played in the movie. Sort of a nice medley. It's not like I was making her listen to the entire instrumental soundtrack to Star Wars, although she probably felt that way. Granted, I might play this in the car when she's not around, and Luke will regularly request it. Well, I guess he is my son.

You know what else? She doesn't think it's a talent to differentiate the difference in the ending credits of the different Star Wars movies. I mean, come on, if you hear the Imperial March, you know that's from the Empire Strikes Back. Ewok Theme? That's Return of the Jedi. Aw hell, this is pointless. Everyone else reading this thinks I'm lame too, but you know what? I don't care! This mp3 playlist is better than yours!


Deonn said...

I just thank God (and rhapsody) that TRON is unavailable.

Gatchamark said...

OK, go ahead and open that can of worms. You know, Wendy Carlos makes great music in her own right.