Thursday, July 17, 2008

Heath Ledger and the Dark Knight

Hey, everyone! Did you hear that Heath Ledger died? Look, I admit, aside from The Patriot, I haven't seen a Heath Ledger movie, and that was an underwhelming film at best. And, despite my picture with Mario Lopez in a previous post, I have NOT seen Brokeback Mountain. I'm puzzled by the eerie fascination with his death. Why is it that people are ready to hand him an Oscar when "Oscar season" hasn't even started? Am I missing the point here? From what I understand, Heath was a great actor, and his life was sadly taken too soon, but where does this fascination come from? Other actors die. Who remembers Brad Renfro? He was a young actor that passed away around the same time. No one wants to hand him an Oscar. They even forgot him in the Oscar tribute! Someone, PLEASE tell me what it is about Heath Ledger... PLEASE!

Anyway, I am excited to see his final movie. I understand that he brings creepy to a new level. And Katie Holmes isn't in it anymore. That's gotta be a plus. I mean, does anyone remember Denise Richards playing a rocket scientist in The World Is Not Enough? Talk about poor casting! However, I am one of those people who shudders at the thought of seeing a major blockbuster on the opening weekend. I'll see this on the big screen, but I'll bide my time. Perhaps I'll see Mamma Mia! this weekend. That probably won't be as crowded. Oh, and by the way, have I mentioned that I have NOT seen Brokeback Mountain?

If you see the Dark Knight this weekend, I'd be interested in what you thought. If you're interested in Mamma Mia!, let me know and we can swap reviews! I have mentioned that I haven't seen Brokeback Mountain... not that there's anything wrong with that.

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Anonymous said...

and poor Brad Renfro couldn't get press coverage to save his life!...poor choice of words I suppose.